The NRGP training division provides responsible gambling training to all gambling industry employees throughout South Africa.

All employees in the gambling industry are required to complete the NRGP basic course on a regular basis. The content of the basic course includes gambling statistics, based on extensive research done in South Africa. It explains the characteristics of social, problem and pathological or compulsive gambling, as well as the various programmes offered by the NRGP.

The training courses have been developed to suit all sectors of the South African gambling industry:

  • casino industry
  • horse racing industry, bookmakers and totes
  • limited payout machine(s) (LPM) industry: route operators and site staff
  • bingo operators
  • provincial regulators :the various gambling boards throughout the country

An advanced course has been designed specifically for gambling industry personnel at managerial or supervisory level and is based on motivational interviewing. This is a set of principles and communication techniques aimed at more effective engagement with problem gamblers.

In addition the NRGP provides training in response to requests from:

  • the welfare industry, including social workers and healthcare workers
  • support groups
  • at corporate wellness days

Staff from the nine provincial regulators, public servants, healthcare and social workers, treatment professionals, as well as lay counsellors have attended the various basic, advanced and train-the-trainer courses run by the NRGP's training division. Training is conducted at most of the casinos, all major bookmakers, horse racing operators, as well as LPM operators throughout South Africa.

Accreditation Initiatives

The NRGP training division is in the process of attaining accreditation for the NRGP as a training service provider through the Tourism, Hospitality and Sport Education and Training Sector Authority (THETHA).

Contact to arrange training:
Natalie Bossi, training director of the NRGP
Email natalie@responsiblegambling.co.za

In response to demand, the NRGP has introduced a crisis line service available for gambling industry staff and management ONLY.

The NRGP Crisis Manager provides casino managers and staff members in the workplace with the following services:

  • Direct telephone support during a crisis and debriefing after a crisis with a compulsive gambler
  • Mentoring/support/ sessions on a basis of specific needs – for example, help dealing with self-exclusions
  • Workshops/meetings once or twice a year, by request, to discuss specific problems within a group forum or on an individual basis
  • An e-mailing facility to deal with queries

It is believed that this service will add value to the services which the gambling industry staff and management in turn deliver to the gambling public.

The onus is still on individual gamblers to deal with their problems constructively via a self-exclusion procedure or to enter the NRGP programme via the Problem Gambling Counselling Line for referral to outpatient or inpatient treatment and counselling services.

The Crisis Manager Barbara van der Spuy can be reached on Barbara@responsiblegambling.co.za for further information.

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